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Papaspiros Restaurant is Open for Outdoor Seating, Curbside Service, and Delivery 708-358-1700 papas

Pictured above: Assorted Hot and Cold Meze Appetizers Such as: Hummus, Scordalia, Taramasalata, Dolmades Yialanzis, Calamari, or Lima Beans in Marinara Sauce

Flame Broiled Flavorful Chicken Sharas Hot Off the Grill

Braised Arni Psito Sliced Lamb in Delicate Lemon Sauce Pictured with a Mythos Greek Lager and Fluffy Rice Pilaf with Red Sauce

Outdoor Seating Now Available

Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL


Try Our Soups of the Day


Such as Creamy Broccoli Herb

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