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Enjoy Your Own Greek Mediterranean Feast Tonight at Papaspiros 728 Lake Oak Park IL (708) 358-1700 p

Pictured above: Three Dip Trio with Taramasalata Pink Caviar Spread; Tzatziki Creamy Herb Spread and Hummus Bean Spread.

Excellent with Grilled Pita or Greek Peasant Style Bread

Pictured above: Lamb Chop Dinner with Rice Pilaf and Potato

Pair with a Kretikos or Ploes Red of Greece

Pictured above: Braised Chicken Riganati in Traditional Pan Sauce

with Greek Potatoes and Simmered Spinach

Pictured above: Vegetarian Mousaka with Simmered Carrots and Peas

Pictured above: Galaktoboureko Lemon Custard with Filo and Honey

Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL

(708) 358-1700

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