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Join Us For a Delicious Greek Wine Pairing This Evening at Papaspiros!

Pictured above: Kokonisto Leg of Lamb with Greek Potatoes, Rice Pilaf or Simmered Vegetables of the day.

Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake St. Oak Park IL 60301 (708) 358-1700 would like to recommend some suggested pairings for your evening with us. One of our Specialties of the House is the Kokonisto Leg of Lamb. It is braised low and slow in a traditional aromatic spiced red sauce that is mild enough for all guests and very flavorful. Marinated Greek potatoes are a traditional accompaniment as is a rice pilaf which is perfect for drizzling your Kokonisto sauce over. Pair your hearty meal with a Kretikos or Theoria Arxi Wine from Greece.

The Greek isles, are known for their beautiful and family heirloom vineyards. Wish to eat like the ancients once did? Then you will definitely want to try a red, white, or rose wine from this beautiful country. Papaspiros Restaurant also caters, and can plan a family holiday gathering incuding such wines. Not eating meat on Fridays? Consider our enchanting seafood menu.

Pictured below: Papaspiros' Whole Grilled Sea Bass with a Lemon Herb Drizzling Sauce

Islands, are usually known for their strong seafood culinary tradition and Greece is no different. Whole Seabass is flame broiled, with traditional herbs and healthy spices as well as seasoned with our special lemon herb drizzling sauce. Pictured below with our herbed rice and sauteed spinach (available on special request) and paired with an Apelia Red from the isles of Greece.

Don't forget dessert like a delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake or a Baklava. As the people of Greece like to say, before a toast, Opa!

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