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May We Suggest Some Pairings With Your Authentic Greek Cuisine at Papaspiros Restaurant?

When dining out for Greek Cuisine either for the first time, or as a long time fan, it is good to have some idea of wines or beers that may compliment the entree being tried at the traditional establishment. One of the Specialties of the House at Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake St. Oak Park IL (slightly to the west of downtown Chicago) is the Kokonisto Braised Lamb Shank in Red Sauce served with simmered potatoes, rice, and vegetables. One popular selection is the Greek Kretikos Red which tastes much like a Cabernet Sauvignon and is medium dry with a nice floral bouquet. Another popular Greek red wine selection with braised meat is a Theoria Arxi which has a beautiful dry yet slightly sweet flavor with a hint of warm spice.

If you enjoy fish and seafood you will love the Greek Salmon Steak Dinner at Papaspiros. Pair the salmon with one of our fresh Greek Mediterranean salads to share, and a rose, white or sparkling wine selection. Regular customers of Papaspiros love is the Roditis Rose. It is not too sweet, with a bit of a salty lemony aftertaste it compliments seafood, cheese, pasta, olives and more. If you enjoy a nice white wine try our Moschofilero Greek white wine which is medium sweet with a hint of citrus aftertaste and comparable to a Reisling or a Sauvignon Blanc which is also available! If you enjoy a sparkling wine selection try our Anna Codorniu Brut Sparkling Rose. Prepared in the same manor as Brut Champagne you will love it with a flavorful seafood dish off of the Papaspiros menu such as our Greek Salmon above, Sea Bass in Lemon Herb Dipping Sauce, or with our ever popular Fresh Whitefish Filet Dinner. Not too hungry and looking for some small plates to try a white or rose with? They are excellent with our flaming Saganaki Cheese, or our Taramasalata Pink Caviar Spread for your Greek Mediterranean bread! Opa!

March 18, 2018

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