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Enjoy a Lamb Chop Dinner with Kretikos Red Wine from Papaspiros Restaurant! Opa!

Lamb Chop Dinner With Kretikos Red Papaspiros

Have you tried our excellent Lamb Chop Medallions from Papaspiros Restaurant? If you love Filet Mignon, you will not want to miss these tender delicate juicy steaks. Pick them up or cut them up, they are heart healthy and delicately seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and spices! Served with your choice of Rice Pilaf or Greek Potato and an assortment of freshly prepared Vegetables of the Day. Your meal pairs well with a Kretikos red wine from the Greek Islands! Much like a Cabernet it has the fresh delicate aroma of a Greek vineyard. Try a dinner with us today! Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake Street Oak Park IL (708) 358-1700

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