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Enjoy a Delicious Whitefish Dinner, Kokonisto Leg of Lamb or Vegetarian Mousaka This Evening at Papa

At Papaspiros Restaurant at 728 Lake Street in Oak Park, Illinois the cuisine of the Greek Islands comes to life. If you are a vegetarian, you should definitely try the vegetable Mousaka (also available with meat sauce) which is layered scalloped potatoes, grilled vegetables, house made tomato sauce simmered to perfection and topped with a creamy fluffy Bechamel topping. The Mousaka is then baked to bubbling perfection.

If you enjoy braised meats, you may wish to try the Kokonisto Leg of Lamb in an authentic tomato based sauce with warm spices. The meal is served with your choice of either rice pilaf or Greek potato and an assortment of simmered vegetables of the day.

A specialty of the house on the seafood menu is the Whitefish Dinner. Freshly caught and prepared freshwater Whitefish filets is broiled to perfection in traditional herbs and spices. Lean, healthy and juicy it is served with your choice of rice pilaf or stewed mixed vegetables.

Papaspiros also has live music every Sunday, and on other select days of each weekend in September! For questions or to reserve a table please call: (708) 358-1700

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