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Enjoy a Delicious Wine From the Greek Isles at Papaspiros Restaurant Tonight!

Many wine enthusiasts have yet to delve in to the delicious and versatile world of well established Greek wine vintages and other international best selling wines that Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake St. Oak Park IL (708) 358-1700 has to offer.

In terms of red wine the Greek Isles are known for their ancient vineyards and wine production of high quality for thousands of years. Recently Greece has excelled on the international scene for many of it's fine wines. One such wine is Theoria Arxi red which is produced in Greece and consists of 50% Syrah, 30% Merlot, and 20% Kotsifali wine. All the wonderful flavor of Syrah, and Merlot with a cinnamon, citrus hint from the Kotsifali and an aromatic bouquet with a dry finish. This red wine pairs well with the Greek Lamb Chops, or the Kokonisto Leg of Lamb. Each delicious authentic Mediterranean entree comes with your choice of potatoes, rice, and vegetables of the day.

If white wine is your preference the Greek Moscafilero White Wine is very popular throughout Greece. Moscafilero has a slightly dry but refreshing taste with hints of pear, peach, and golden grapes with a clean sophisticated finish. It pairs well with our Whitefish Dinner (pictured below), or with our Pan Fried Smelts with Scordalia Potato Garlic Spread.

Papaspiros 728 Lake St. Oak Park IL also has a variety of Rose options from Brut Sparkling Rose, to Roditis Rose from Greece. Roditis Rose, has a delicious medium bodied flavor with an aftertaste that reminds one of the seaside, and summer evenings out with friends. Join us this weekend for Greek Easter, and all of your favorites at Papaspiros! Opa!

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To Reserve a Special Table Please Call: (708) 358-1700

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