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Enjoy a Specialty of the House at Papaspiros Restaurant!

Enjoy some specialties of the house this weekend at Papapaspiros Restaurant! Try our delicious freshly caught and prepared broiled whole Sea Bass with your choice of steamed vegetables or rice pilaf, filleted at your table expertly by one of our professional servers and served with a lemon butter sauce.

A further excellent choice is the Lamb Chop Dinner which comes with your choice of rice and potato as well as an assortment of fresh vegetables prepared daily in a heart healthy manor. Our Lamb Chops are an extremely lean and delicate portion of the lamb, prized in the Mediterranean and Greece. They are marinated and flame broiled to perfection to your desired level. So delicious, some folks pick them up to get every last juicy bite.

For the indecisive type, or those on a budget, consider the excellent and filling Combination Platter pictured above. It consists of: Spanakopita spinach and cheese pastry, Meat Dolmades with Avgolemono Sauce, Baked Pasticcio pasta with meat and warm spices, baked Moussaka which is layers of potato, vegetables, tomato sauce and Bechamel topping, and our Deluxe Gyros Meat Sausage, sliced extra thin and slightly grilled to bring out the full rotisserie flavors. Opa!

For Reservations and Catering Please Call: (708) 358-1700

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